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Landfall – Port Canaveral – USA

The approach to Port Canaveral is well marked and well traveled. We encountered our first sub underway as we approached the outer reaches of the marked channel. From a few miles away, the first impression is “what the hell is that???”, but there’s not much else a shape like that ,em> can be. We passed […]

At Sea

Our crossing was about as good as they come. Despite a dark night- the moon set at 2348, so no help there- but conditions were quite calm, and our miles crossing the banks clicked by while we took turns at watch. Our routine seems to be finding a rhythm, with me getting some shuteye before […]

Great Sale Cay

As we approached Great Sale in the afternoon, our plan once again became fluid. Rather than spend the night and part of the day anticipating our departure and the overnight passage across the Banks, we decided we’d anchor off the beach, spend an hour walking and giving the pups a chance to burn off some […]

Green Turtle Cay

Our route plan was to head to Crab Cay and anchor overnight at Angelfish Point, in a protected bay. Winds predicted out of the east would provide a calm night. As we passed Green Turtle Cay, we noticed tents on the shore and many boats anchored in the harbor. We discussed cutting short our planned […]

Treasure Cay

We departed Man O War late Wednesday morning and took the 16 nm hop to Treasure Cay. We picked up a mooring in the harbor outlying the marina, and headed ashore to check things out. The mooring is not something we’d want to rely on in a blow, but with settled weather, we’ll be fine […]

Great Guana Cay

With calm weather ahead, we departed Treasure Cay and headed for Great Guana. No trip throught the Abacos is complete without a visit to Nippers, so we anchored in Fishers Bay and went ashore for our visit. The walk across to the ocean side beach is pleasant, we spent some time on the beach, Molly […]

Man O War

Our weather has been a bit on the windy side, but today brought lighter winds and clear skies. Beautiful! We dropped the mooring in Hopetown Monday and headed for Man O War Cay, just 6 nm to the north. We anchored off adjacent Dickies Cay. A short dinghy ride put us downtown. Man O War […]

The Abacos-Lynyard Cay

We departed Spanish Wells Thursday morning the 28th following Captain Jock (Bandit) through the reef at Ridley Head. A worthwhile expenditure of $40 for his pilot services in leading us through the narrow cut. We parted company outside the reef and engaged our course for Little Harbor, some 50 nm away. With winds and seas […]

Spanish Wells

We departed the hustle & bustle of Nassau on Good Friday morning, headed for Spanish Wells. We considered making a run for Lynyard Cay in the Abacos, but winds were predicted out of the ENE and building, and would have put 3-4 ft seas on our bow, not a ride we wanted to do for […]


We made stopovers in Warderick Wells and Norman’s Cay on our way north to New Providence Island, where we’ll stop and spend a night or two in the Nassau Harbor Club marina, a favorite spot frequented by cruisers, reasonably priced, and perfect in that it’s just across the street from one of the larger supermarkets […]

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