Landfall – Port Canaveral – USA

The approach to Port Canaveral is well marked and well traveled. We encountered our first sub underway as we approached the outer reaches of the marked channel. From a few miles away, the first impression is “what the hell is that???”, but there’s not much else a shape like that ,em> can be. We passed port to port at about 300 yds, the crew on the conning tower checking us out with high power optics while we checked them out with not-quite-so high power optics. Oh, and we didn’t have a 50 cal on our bridge, either. They did not respond to a hail on VHF, so the SOP is you simply stay out of their way. Aye, sir!

We passed through Port Canaveral flying our yellow “Q” flag, and made our way to the familiar anchorage at Cocoa, where we would check in with Customs via phone, and catch up on some missed sleep. Back into the land of murky waters, tons of people, discourteous Sea Rays, and oh, this time LOVE BUGS! Swarms of them. Welcome to sunny Florida! Isn’t it great to be HOME?? Well, uh, er, mmmm, not really…….

Our plan is to head north to the Chesapeake, to spend time with family, catch up on some maintenance and a few refit items on Maerin and determine if our time will permit venturing further north. With diesel creeping up past $4.00/gal, travel becomes more costly, and that factors into the decision of where next. Stay tuned!

3 Responses to “Landfall – Port Canaveral – USA”

  1. Richard O. on 10 May 2011 at 6:58 AM #

    Hey guys. We just departed Pt. Canaveral a couple of hours ago (5/10 – 0444) enroute St Augustine, continuing on to probably Brunswick tomorrow. Didn’t realize you’d crossed back until reading your blog underway this AM.

    Will you be stopping in Brunswick enroute North?

    Pet the pups for me.


  2. Myla and Dan on 10 May 2011 at 9:05 PM #

    Now that crossing sounds like just my style – nice and smooth. Glad it’s going so well! In addition to being a romantic accessory, some stale pipe smoke might keeps some Florida bugs at bay!

  3. Lisa on 11 May 2011 at 11:22 PM #

    Happy Birthday a bit late but know I’ve
    thinking of you and glad you had such agreat time
    in the Bahamas this year a wonderful way to
    celebrate another year of life
    miss you guys
    we look forward to your return
    we will be in OBX from the 20 – 27
    if you are up that far by then