Great Sale Cay

As we approached Great Sale in the afternoon, our plan once again became fluid. Rather than spend the night and part of the day anticipating our departure and the overnight passage across the Banks, we decided we’d anchor off the beach, spend an hour walking and giving the pups a chance to burn off some energy- well one of the pups, then up anchor and head west. No point in delaying, besides the weather was favorable, despite winds having shifted to the WNW despite forecasts of ESE winds at our last check some 36 hours previous. No matter, the winds were calm, weather settled, so off we went. Next stop, Port Canaveral- some 165 nm to the NW, and 24 hours away, depending on our time in the Gulf Stream.

We departed Great Sale Cay at 1700 hrs, with light winds out of the west, clear skies and a gentle swell rolling across the Bahama Banks. Our time in the Bahamas has sadly come to a close.

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