Great Guana Cay

With calm weather ahead, we departed Treasure Cay and headed for Great Guana. No trip throught the Abacos is complete without a visit to Nippers, so we anchored in Fishers Bay and went ashore for our visit. The walk across to the ocean side beach is pleasant, we spent some time on the beach, Molly seems to enjoy the surf, and despite being rolled a few times by some rough waves, kept going back for her tennis ball. We also enjoyed some time in the surf, and later climbed back up to the deck at Nippers for a dip in the (saltwater) pool there and a Kalik. Not a terribly busy day for them, as with all the hangouts, they’re experiencing the pain of the poor economy. We did our part by picking out a few t-shirts, then headed back to the boat.

The following morning we strolled around the settlement for a while before pulling the anchor and heading across “The Whale” towards Green Turtle Cay. “The Whale” is a well-known part of the route through the Abacos where no protected inside passage is suitable for any but shallow draft vessels, so most must head “outside” for the few miles to the next channel, about 2 nm, then back to protected waters. “The Whale” can become very rough, especially with winds out of the east and an outgoing current, and is notorious in that regard. Our transit was without excitement, with relatively calm conditions.

Our destination- Crab Cay at the northwestern end of Little Abaco.

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