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Hi-ho, Hi-ho….

Well, our 2012 Winter cruise was a wonderful run, we had some great times in the Bahamas spent with good friends and family. Our best time yet. The weather could have been better, but it was good when it counted. Since the blog has gone dark for a few weeks, I thought it was about […]

Back to US shores

We arrived safely back in the US in the company of our 3 other buddy boats, two cruise ships, a US Navy submarine, a US Army Landing craft, and a few Coast Guard small boat escorts all headed into Port Canaveral on Thursday morning. Our crossing took just over 22 hours, making good time. In […]

Great Sale Cay to Port Canaveral

Wednesday marks our departure from the Bahamas as we cross the Straits of Florida to Port Canaveral. Farewell to the beauty of the Bahamas! We’re already looking forward to our return! So much to see!

Great Guana Cay

We arrived at Great Guana Cay Saturday afternoon along with fellow Selene’s Innu and Celebrate. We made the requisite visit to Nipper’s and enjoyed some great beach time. Molly was thrilled to be romping in the surf. There’s no doubt that she loves the water, and being in the surf is about as good as […]

Arrival in the Abacos

We departed Royal Island 0730 under sunny skies and winds about 10 kts, great conditions for our crossing of the big water between Royal Island and the Abacos, a cruise of about 60 miles. We enjoyed a very smooth ride with seas around 2-3 ft but long period waves, making for a very comfortable cruise. […]

Royal Island stopover

A favorable weather window cemented plans to move north out of the Exumas and begin the inevitable movement northward through the Abacos. Always a bittersweet decision, it marks the beginning of the end of our stay in the Bahamas. For insurance reasons, we must be north of Florida by 1 June, so that deadline shapes […]

Big Majors

The departure of our guests nearly coincided with the clocking of the winds back to the prevailing easterly flow, the clocking preceding the final flight by a day, making Jeri’s final night aboard a bit ‘rolly’ as the surge from the sound found its way between the Majors. We considered moving the day before, but […]

Bye bye, big sis!

Our weather remained unsettled until Tuesday morning, and the winds began clocking around to the prevailing easterly direction, with the opportunity to venture out in the dinghy to explore further cays. Still a bit bumpy for too far a run, we visited Sampson Cay, the beaches there and the sand flats between the cays. The […]

Between the Majors

An early 0730 departure from Georgetown for the 50 nm return to Staniel Cay put us northbound on the sound with a following sea of about 4 ft and winds that were building during our run. We started out at about 12 kts of wind out of the SW and they increased through about 19 […]


We got underway to Georgetown at 0845, and headed out Galliot cut about an hour later and headed into moderate head seas of about 3 ft with some whitecapping. One crew was afflicted with a mild case of seasickness, but was able to get comfortable enough to crash out behind the portuguese bridge. Conditions were […]

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