We got underway to Georgetown at 0845, and headed out Galliot cut about an hour later and headed into moderate head seas of about 3 ft with some whitecapping. One crew was afflicted with a mild case of seasickness, but was able to get comfortable enough to crash out behind the portuguese bridge. Conditions were rough enough to provide a nice salt coating, but not so bad as to make the run uncomfortable for the remaining crew. Fishing met with some success as we landed a bar jack and a mahi. We lost a second mahi just as it was brought to the stern. Landing two fish at the same time can be trouble! We arrived in Georgetown about 1615 hrs, and were greeted by My Sharona as we entered the harbor. We anchored off Sand Dollar beach, with enough time to head ashore for a beach visit and hike to the ocean side and a walk up the beach.

The following morning we relocated closer to town, then dinghied into town for a walkabout and a visit to the market. With the Family Island Regatta just a week away, preparations were in full swing by the government dock where much of the regatta activity takes place. The “plywood city” collection of food and drink stands was rising and the area was abuzz with the activity of construction, supplies being unloaded, and fresh paint transforming the stands. As we strolled down the street, we asked a local if he would be there for regatta, he replied “of course- I live here…. and they NEVER sleep!” We noticed some larger boats arriving in the harbor with racing sloops in tow, we learned that many are towed from the out islands, some are shipped aboard supply boats and unloaded in Georgetown.

The visit to Exuma Market enabled us to replenish some provisions, and re-stock some fresh items. Although the smaller settlements have most basics, and even some fresh items, the availability is limited to the supply boat visits, so it’s not ever a sure bet that you can stop at the store and find what you’re looking for! Exuma Market is well-known for being the best place in the Exumas to re-provision. Costs can be counted on to be about 15-25% higher than in the states, and fresh goods are not as plentiful, but basics are there. The gas station is right across from the dinghy dock, so we filled the dinghy tank while we were there. Ouch!

Upon returning from town, we pulled anchor and headed across the harbor and anchored off “Chat’n Chill”. We dined enjoyed our fresh mahi and found the bar jack to be exceptionally good eating, a pleasant surprise given the reputation that jacks are not always the best eating fish. Either way, fresh is really hard to beat!

Friday would be our last day in Georgetown and we stopped at Chat ‘n Chill for lunch, not spectacular, but OK, and later a nice long walk up the sound (ocean) side of the beach and some treasure hunting! Our weather was holding as predicted, with a front approaching late Saturday, giving us just enough of a window to head to Staniel to make flight connections for Lisa and Dave on Sunday morning.

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  1. Lisa on 26 Apr 2012 at 10:03 PM #

    What great experience living the cruising life for a short time
    We are so fortunate to have such gracious hosts
    what a treat to enjoy this beautiful part of the world
    with seasoned cruisers that could shard their favorite
    sites with us
    The accommodations were wonderful
    The food was excellent
    rocked to sleep every-night the Bahama breeze
    Blowing over my bed everynight
    Snorkeling in a dream of a location
    THANKS we will cherish this time forever