Hi-ho, Hi-ho….

Well, our 2012 Winter cruise was a wonderful run, we had some great times in the Bahamas spent with good friends and family. Our best time yet. The weather could have been better, but it was good when it counted. Since the blog has gone dark for a few weeks, I thought it was about time for an update, and wanted to bring our friends and family up to speed with what’s going on with Maerin and crew, for there have been some changes.

As the header might lead one to believe, it’s off to work we go. There are a number of reasons; no need to be Bashful, we have been hit, like everyone else with the economic downturn; we still own a home in York that has been sitting Sleepy and empty, and is in need of some maintenance; aging parents who get Grumpy when we’re away; and of course there’s Maerin, who is due for some time on the hard for 5 year maintenance. Barb is looking at Doc-type work in the health system, and your blogmeister has begun a new business enterprise expanding on requests to work on other cruisers’ boats. More on that elsewhere. I was offered an out of the blue opportunity in Brunswick and accepted it, so we did the Dopey rental car shuffle and drove to York. We spent a week there and replaced the gas range, refrigerator, and added a vehicle in that week before I returned to Brunswick in the trusty Olds. Our ’89 Olds Cutlass was my Dad’s car. It’s reliable and in great shape for a near-antique. OK, the headliner’s stapled up to the roof panel, but other than that… There’s a bit of nostalgia for me in driving it because my dad was a firm believer in driving a car ’till the wheels fall off. So a new set of treads and full service, a couple of toothpicks to make the radio power up, and it’s all good! He’d be so pleased! Acorn… tree… Happy Molly and Sammy stayed in York, and I’m back aboard using Maerin as a base of operations for my work here in Brunswick. One advantage of being here is I have no lawn to mow- it always makes me Sneezy; grass doesn’t grow on the boat!

It’s been a couple of hectic weeks, but the house looks great, it’s clean and the oven works! There will be much to do in the months ahead as we plan for some updates to the house as we rebuild the cruising kitty. Truth be told, we’d much prefer being out on the water. We’re not taking a different road, or should I say rhumb line. This is just a side trip.

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