Little Farmer’s Cay

Little Farmer’s Cay lies just a short 9 nm hop from Black Point, and is the next populated settlement heading south on the Exuma chain. We had visited on two previous occasions, most recently a few weeks previous as we cruised south with Innu. We anchored north of Oven Rock, moderating winds made for a comfortable stay, and the location provided an opportunity to revisit the cave and the settlement with our family guests. Our visit to the settlement was highlighted by a stop at JR’s where Lisa and Dave selected a conch horn and a small carving as souvenirs. JR also shared some of his knowledge of the local plants and birds with my sisters, both avid gardeners. It is interesting to note the variety of plants present on the island, despite the less than ideal growing conditions. Evidence remains of the past efforts at growing cotton, as there is cotton growing wild along the side of the roads. JR is proud to point out that his gardening and maintenance efforts are evident on the island as he looks after the roadsides and cemetery.

With favorable weather conditions predicted to hold into the weekend, we decided to make the 50 nm run to Georgetown, and made preparations to get under way early the following morning.

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