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Mission accomplished! We close the Loop!

Our final leg from Chesapeake City to Stansbury marked the last leg of our Down East Loop cruise, as well as my guest crew Jared’s last day aboard. A bittersweet day for Jared as he looked forward to a reunion with his bride and daughter and savored his last day on the water. Doug, Jared’s […]

Chesapeake City – almost home

Our last stopover before making the last leg of this Down East Loop! Our trip up the Delaware began at 0555 hrs. in the dark and fairly thick fog. After some adjusting to relying on chartplotter and radar rather than line of sight, we started to track a straight course through the canal. Visibility was […]

Cape May

Our cruise from Atlantic City to Cape May was much more enjoyable than the previous day’s time in the wash cycle, and was punctuated by lots of activity on the trolling lines, with at least a half dozen blues caught. None nearly as big as the first one, but lots of action and some exciting […]

The Salt Pond- Brigantine

We arrived around 1621 hrs at the Salt Pond, a well-protected anchorage just inside the Absecon Inlet. The cruise down the upper Jersey coast was less than idea, with winds picking up into the 20+ kt range and seas kicking up into whitecaps and about a 4-5 ft chop on the nose. Not a comfortable […]


Currently we’re just offshore at Barnegat Light, southbound from Shark River to Absecon Inlet. Conditions are windy as predicted, and out of the south as predicted, but sunny skies lured us out. Aside from banging into 4-5 foot head seas, it’s not a bad day. We’ve had a day to accommodate to the sloppy conditions, […]

Hell Gate

Track down East River (Black line) We departed Port Washington and Manhasset Bay after a short shore stop, in time to catch favorable currents through the East River and Hell Gate in particular. We got a good current boost, and showed a SOG of a bit over 10 kts through Hell Gate. The western channel […]

Manhasset Bay, Long Island

The cruise from the Thimble Islands to the west end of Long Island sound was uneventful, although we had fairly stiff north winds in the 20-25 kt range, and plenty of white caps, we were on the lee shore, so our ride was fairly smooth. We arrived in Manhasset Bay just after 3PM, and were […]

Leete’s Island, CT

We departed Newport Monday morning and cruised 68 nm to Joshua Cove, near Guilford, CT. The Thimble Islands, and archipelago of between 100 and 350 islands, all privately owned- are nearby. The anchorage is wide, and good holding, but lacks any public landing to go ashore- a good stopover but not for cruisers with dogs. […]

Newport, RI

We departed New Bedford in time to make the 9AM bridge opening, headed through the hurricane barrier and made a course toward Newport, an easy run of about 35 miles. Forecasts were less than ideal, with winds predicted in the 20 kt range with small craft and rough surf advisories in effect. We decided to […]

New Bedford

Provincetown to New Bedford is not a particularly long run, just over 50 miles, but passage through the Cape Cod Canal requires a bit of timing to match transiting the canal with the currents, which can be around 4-5 kts at certain times, and a 5 kt current means we make about a knot and […]

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