Hell Gate

Track down East River (Black line)

We departed Port Washington and Manhasset Bay after a short shore stop, in time to catch favorable currents through the East River and Hell Gate in particular. We got a good current boost, and showed a SOG of a bit over 10 kts through Hell Gate. The western channel past Roosevelt Island was closed due to the activities at the UN, so transit was through the eastern channel. A significant Coast Guard and NYPD presence made it clear that no passage was permitted. Sailboats had to hold station in the current while waiting for the lift bridge at 38th Ave, and we heard a security call shortly after we cleared the bridge that it would be closed until further notice due to a fire on Roosevelt Island. Life in the big city!  The bridge is 40 ft, well above our required 24 ft air draft.  Jared was google-eyed the whole time. The frenetic pace is quite an experience, with police and Coast Guard boats, sirens, helicopters, ferries, and the stream of vehicle traffic on the bridges overhead, the experience is at once overwhelming and lots of fun. The helmsman must keep a close watch at all times since traffic comes relentlessly from every direction!  Our trip could not have been under any better conditions, with clear skies and comfortable temperatures. We kept a dog leg in our route to take us by Lady Liberty, always an awe-inspiring sight regardless if it’s the first time you’ve experienced it.  We saw many familiar and famous landmarks as we made our way down the river, and could see construction on the new Freedom Tower on the site of the fallen Towers. 

Lady Liberty

We watched the skyline of Manhattan fade astern as we made our way down the NJ coast. This leg of the trip is a milestone as we will pass the 3,000 nautical mile mark of our Down East Loop. We made very good time thanks to the current, and arrived at Shark River just before 1700 hrs. Shark River is a stopover we typically make on this route, the marina break is a good chance to catch up on laundry, cleaning up the boat, and topping the water tanks.

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