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North to Middle River

We’d discussed a trip to the Trent-Severn waterway, and decided that since our 2016 cruise season was abbreviated and without a Bahamas visit, we’d head north a bit early and after a stopover in Middle River, we’d head up to NY and the Erie Canal. Our stay in JAX extended over a month, a long […]

Hanging out in JAX

After a visit to the west coast of Florida, we returned to Jacksonville in early April for a stopover. Barb jetted out to San Francisco for 3 weeks for the arrival of grandbaby #2.  I stayed behind with Molly, and took care of a bunch of maintenance chores, the biggest of which was the replacement […]

Vero Beach

Since having left New Bern, we spent a month in Jacksonville FL. Part of the stay was to enable us to make the drive to York to spend some time with family before the holidays, daughter Andrea, her hubby David and our granddaughter Kyla flew in from San Francisco and the game plan was to […]

Escape from New Bern

After finally having the windshield replacment wrapped up, we planned to depart from New Bern. But first, we decided to stick around over the weekend for the Mum Fest, an annual festival/street fair that’s normally held the first week in October. This year, the first weekend in October was host to hurricane Matthew, so the […]


Since we have a week or so to kill, and Ocracoke’s only a day’s run, we decided to head over while we’re waiting for our windshield. With our National Park Senior Pass, we can dock for only 60 cents/ft, quite a bargain! Besides, it’s one of our favorite places, lots of good memories there since […]

Oriental, New Bern

From the Pungo we headed to Oriental and a stopover at the town free dock. Oriental is cruiser-friendly, and they added another free dock in the last year with pumpout and restrooms. Nice! The pier is large enough for 4 smaller cruisers, we take up a bit more than that, so our chances of getting […]

Coinjock – Snap, crackle, POP!

Coinjock has become a traditional stopover. It’s a short day cruise from Portsmouth, it requires passage through a lock and several draw bridges, it’s the only stopoff before Albemarle Sound, plus the restaurant there has great prime rib! Sister Lisa has a beach home near Nags Head, and if they are at the beach, it’s […]

Ingram Bay to Portsmouth

We arrived at Ingram Bay at 1600 hrs. after a short cruise from Solomons. We anchored at Sandy Point, behind a hook that provides good protection, although protection wasn’t an issue. A delightful evening at anchor, up early the next morning for the run to Portsmouth, our next destination, a run of just over 60 […]

Heading south

We slipped lines from Stansbury Tuesday morning of the 11th. We enjoyed a very smooth run, winds out of the NE and calm water. Great trawler weather! While underway we called friends Bill & Jean, former owners of sister ship Solo/Selene 4307. They were home and were happy to have us drop in on short […]