Ingram Bay to Portsmouth

We arrived at Ingram Bay at 1600 hrs. after a short cruise from Solomons. We anchored at Sandy Point, behind a hook that provides good protection, although protection wasn’t an issue. A delightful evening at anchor, up early the next morning for the run to Portsmouth, our next destination, a run of just over 60 miles. No shore leave this stop.

Portsmouth is a good stopover, we stop at one of the municipal basins where docking is free. No power or water, but it’s convenient and the Portsmouth neighborhood is delightful to walk.  Shipyards are across the river and interesting to watch the activity there, and a visit to Norfolk is just a ferry ride away. The passenger ferries run from the basins all day, and Molly’s allowed to go along!

We considered staying another day since we were getting reports of bridge problems further south due to the effects of Matthew, plus we wanted to be in Coinjock on Saturday to meet sister Lisa and family for dinner but the situation is fluid and along with the bridge reports, we learned that the basins were to be given over to schooners that were racing down the bay, so we decided to head out. Woodwind from Annapolis arrived as we were leaving the basin. We decided to make it a short run and stop at Top Rack for fuel, destination Great Bridge where we’d stay overnight Friday to arrive in Coinjock Saturday. We had made reservations on Wednesday to insure having a spot. Traffic has been consistently southbound, not particularly heavy, but we have lots of company!

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