Back to Cocoa…

We left Vero this morning, headed back north to Cocoa. A multi-purpose trip! We’ll meet up again with Susan & Jim, hopefully talk them into carting us around again.  We also have the autopilot being delivered to Sue’s friend’s house in Cocoa Beach, I need some hardware to finish a project that I undoubtedly can find at Travis’ in Cocoa, and since we’re this close, we’ll head just north of Titusville on Saturday to anchor overnight in the Indian River south of the NASA causeway so we can witness the launch of STS-130 bright & early Sunday morning. OK, 0439 is early. Bright, maybe not so much. The anchor spot is about 8 miles from the launch pad, and about as close as the USCG security zone permits. But STS-130 is the last night launch of the shuttle program, so it’s an opportunity well worth spending a couple of extra days here. This is a good spot,the price is right, and we’re looking forward to seeing our friends again. I’m hoping to get some photos of the launch, and we’re hoping for minimal delays! So check back later for the results!

One of our errands is to have our air tank refilled. The empty tank is the result of some overdue underwater maintenance. I spent an hour cleaning the prop and keel cooler, and changed the zincs on the cooler and the transom. Temps in the river at Vero were almost 70, so I took advantage of the warmest water temps we’ve seen to get that maintenance chore completed. Temps today were about 63, still pretty cool, still better than 2 weeks ago when they were in the 40’s!

It will be great to get Otto back on line again. We hand steered the whole way from Vero to Cocoa, probably more hand steering than we’ve done in the whole time we’ve owned the boat! Delivery from Raymarine repair is scheduled for Friday, so it will be great to get the nav system back in full function!

2 Responses to “Back to Cocoa…”

  1. Aunt & Mother on 05 Feb 2010 at 9:09 PM #

    SNOW, SNOW and more ! UGH Mother

  2. Kelly Reider on 08 Feb 2010 at 12:19 PM #

    More snow for us to come on Tuesday afternoon/evening into Wednesday. Possibly another 12 inches!!!

    So did you get pictures of the launch this morning?