Vero Beach


We arrived in Vero Beach after a leisurely cruise from Cocoa. We were finally able to cruise with the pilothouse doors open in the afternoon with temps in the low 70’s, but what a welcome relief from the cold of the last few weeks. Vero is like old home week, we were assigned a mooring but requested to share a mooring with Corey & Linda aboard Live Wire II, a sistership (hull #8), We spent time with them previously in Nassau, and it was nice to see some familiar faces. The pair of nearly identical trawlers cut a striking profile!

We’ve had some puppy play time with Bella as we caught up with Sirius Endeavor, and also with Dylan & Dyna from A Capella, the Seigel’s. The dog park adjacent to the marina is a great spot, with as many as 30 dogs present, of all varieties! They really have a great time, and they’re great entertainment for the humans! We thoroughly enjoyed an evening of Dark & Stormy experimentation, as the crews of Maerin as well as A Capella all are fans of the unique flavor of the rum and ginger beer favorite. A number of the folks we met during our stay in Brunswick have dropped in as well, and Wandering Star stayed a night on their way as they push south toward Key West.

Vero’s a great stop, there’s free bus service hourly from the marina to town, groceries, Wal Mart, all the hot spots. We took an adventure and switched buses today, making the trip to Wal Mart for some spray paint, and between transfers, walked to Helseth Marine to pick up a fuel lift pump ordered in for the generator. It is still operational, but is weeping fuel, enough to trigger my smell alert. So it will be changed out as soon as the new one gets a quick shot of red paint! A second spare is also on the way to keep in the parts box as a talisman against future failures. Only those parts for which you have no spares ever fail. Cruiser Tenet  #9.

We plan to bum a ride with Corey & Linda to the farmer’s market in the morning, she has been working very long hours on board and finished up her project this evening, so is due for an outing! We’re also hoping to hear from fellow Selener’s  on Arcadia, who are just a short drive south of us. Garland & Jean are planning to cross to the Bahamas in a few days contingent on a weather window.

We’ll be here a couple of days, perhaps a week. We’re hoping the dead fish stink soon subsides, it’s fallout from the extreme cold. Thousands of fish killed, now they’re just starting to decompose, and the weather is waming up. Pretty smelly, but it still trumps snow!

The autopilot problems still are unresolved, so it is on its way to the Raymarine repair facility for a checkup. We won’t go far without Otto, he’s a vital member of the crew! What, hand-steer the boat?? Oh, NO!! 🙄

Well, they don’t call this Velcro Beach without good reason. Lots of people come and just stick fast.

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  1. Aunt & Mother on 22 Jan 2010 at 9:14 PM #

    Very lovely sunny day here,in the lows 40’s; Tomorrow is supposed to turn nasty. Certainly sounds like you are enjoying being with all your friends and drinking. Sounds pretty perfect except for the rotting fish!! Love, Mother