Some stats…

Occasionally I’ll have someone ask questions about fuel, how far we’ve traveled, how far we go in a day and since it’s cold here (45°F is cold), I updated a spreadsheet where I accumulate our daily logs. Here’s a summary for y’all’s amusement. (We’re learning that y’all is a good all-purpose preposition.)

Time in Months TOT Miles (nm) TOT Eng. HRS TOT Gen. HRS TOTAL GALS TOTAL


17 5,494.27 886.8 726 3,372.60 $ 8,894.18
AVG nm/cruise AVG
40.22 $       2.64 5.85 3.80 1.63 $        1.62

This data spans the time from August of 2008 when we began our cruise north up the Hudson and to the New York Canal system– to 12/21/09 when we filled up. The highest cost for diesel was in Baltimore then at 3.99, and the lowest cost was at Merritt Island last year at $1.87. We filled up Monday in Brunswick at $2.38.
All miles are nautical miles. A statute mile is 1.16 nm, speeds are in knots (kt) which convert to mph at the same ratio of 1.16 mph for 1 kt.
We have reduced our typical cruise RPM to about 1600, giving us an increase of about 20% in efficiency. Our most recent fillup shows our fuel consumption at 2.94 gal./hr including generator, and 2.05 nm/gal., although our cruising speed is reduced to an average of just around 6 kt.(Speed Over Ground). Our speed is always subject to current. We’re in no hurry!

So that’s the skinny on the bean counting.

Dad would approve! 🙄

3 Responses to “Some stats…”

  1. Lisa on 31 Dec 2009 at 12:06 AM #

    Yes Dad would approve!
    That was quite a few beans to sort
    Quite interesting hope the fuel continues to decrease
    in cost
    A bean you probably will have trouble quantifying
    but should be tallied is the FUN bean!
    Love you

  2. Jeri on 10 Jan 2010 at 4:52 PM #

    This “emoticon”made me chuckle as did the comment about Dad’s approval….reflecting, as I am, here on the anniversary of my birth. That “FUN” bean well, funny how that changes…(what’s fun?). Now I need one of those expressive faces…. # :~})

  3. maerin on 11 Jan 2010 at 10:40 AM #

    Sol sol la sol do ti, sol sol la sol re do…
    Sol sol | sol mi do ti la….
    Fa fa mi do re do.

    yo’ brudder. 😉