South into the COLD!!! Near Charleston, SC


So here we are at the beach in South Carolina, freezing our butts off! It was high 30’s overnight and it got up to a whopping high of about 55 today. In the 20 kt wind, it felt like 30. We’re anchored in Price Creek, a short creek that runs from the ICW about 2 miles to the ocean. It’s deep, and the current runs hard when the tide changes. The tide here runs about 5 ft., so there’s quite a bit of current during tide changes. Right now we’re hanging between the current and the wind, the current pushing one way, the wind the other. And the wind has piped back up again, it had quieted down earlier, but it’s back up to around 20 kts. out of the NNW. Cold!


Before dark, we took the dink out towards the mouth of the creek where it meets the ocean where there is a nice long beach. We walked the beach while the dogs romped. A typical windy day at the beach, except the temperature was barely 40. Lows are predicted in the 20’s tonight, record low temps for the area. Go figure!

Our anchorage last night was at Thorofare Creek off the Waccamaw River. Fresh water. It is deep, 30 ft at places, and up the creek is a very high sand bank. There is a canal that leads off the main creek, there are some cottages, more like hunting/fishing camp type places, very rustic and isolated. It was probably the quietest spot we’ve anchored, very well protected and peaceful. Up the sand bank we found a wildlife preserve, hundreds of fresh deer tracks, racoon, and lots of interesting plant life. Spanish moss is quite prevalent here, and we’re seeing lots of lichens on the ground. They look like cotton balls. Very interesting.


Tomorrow we head for Charleston, a marina night or 2 or 3. We plan to meet up with Joyce & Chris, fellow Selener’s whom we met at TrawlerFest. We’re really excited to connect with them since we didn’t get to TrawlerFest this year and haven’t seen them since 2007 when they took delivery of their new 48. Their former boat was a 43 like ours. It will be good to be tied to a dock for a night or two. Charleston is one of the spots we had planned to stop and visit. Anchoring out is less pleasant in the cold and howling wind!

3 Responses to “South into the COLD!!! Near Charleston, SC”

  1. Les & Karen on 20 Nov 2008 at 11:39 AM #

    Great pic’s.. Enjoying your updates.. I’m sorry we missed you before you departed..

  2. Linda and Corey Bernabucci on 21 Nov 2008 at 9:00 AM #

    Glad to see that you’re enjoying the trip south. We’re in Vero Beach – it’s cold here too, but no snow flurries. Hoping that we’ll be able to get a good weather window to head over to the Bahamas in the next 10 days or so…but, this north wind just won’t stop. Hoping that we can meet up with you in Vero before we leave – any idea what your plans are? Do you still plan on going to the Bahamas this year? Stay in touch and safe travels.

  3. Andrea on 23 Nov 2008 at 5:43 PM #

    Wow -that really does look like cotton. Pretty cool!