Wrightsville Beach

Arrived Wrightsville Beach around 1545 (that’s about 3:45 PM in Landlubber) Thursday. Great spot, nice roomy anchorage with good protection and holding, dinghy dock close by with great access to town and the beach. We’ll stay here a day or two to wait out another front passage that promises some more crappy weather and 30 kt winds. This morning is quite foggy, but warm. The trip here from Swansboro was uneventful, had heavy rains most of the morning, with some clearing later in the day. We actually shed sweatshirts in the afternoon in favor of tee’s, temps were around 74F. The water is getting clearer, we’re beginning to see palm trees, getting that flavor of being south!! We again were entertained on our cruise yesterday with porpoises playing in our bow wave. They’re also here in the anchorage from time to time. Always a joy to see them!


We’ve got lots of fog this morning, as the latest front starts through. We plan to stay here a day or two as the front passes and the winds blow again as it leaves! We’ll get some beach time, give the pups a chance to stretch out and maybe tire Molly out, although her regeneration period seems to be remarkably short!


Lots of beautiful homes here, some would probably qualify as a resort, but appear to be homes, nonetheless!

2 Responses to “Wrightsville Beach”

  1. Aunt & Mother on 18 Nov 2008 at 2:01 PM #

    Aunt Peggy says they are having a blizzard in Greensburg! Beth said last night they are expecting snow flurries as we are today. Very cold and windy.
    Aren’t you sorry to miss all this?? INstead, enjoy any warmth and think of us shivering. Love you anyway, Mother

  2. Andrea on 18 Nov 2008 at 10:44 PM #

    Well, I am feeling the urge to fly south for the winter. Too bad I am not a bird. David and I are doing some serious research into this home buying process. We are a bit nervous and losing sleep, but making progress. We will either be in by Christmas or severely depressed that we couldn’t swing it! I love the picture on the last post and your stories of the porpoises. Wish I could wake up to that! Stress has been high lately.

    Love you both SO MUCH!