Solomon’s MD – Southbound!!

Finally! The winds stopped howling, we threw off the dock lines this morning and departed Stansbury at 09:00. Susan, our marina owner was on the gas pier to give us a sendoff and wish us fair winds! She’s a sweetheart! 229122872295We so enjoyed our time at Stansbury, never a tense moment (well, except for the time the sleeping boater collided with Maerin’s bow). We’ll miss the folks there.

We had a simply delightful cruise to Solomon’s. We arrived just before 6PM, time enough to get a good walk in before dark and let the dogs burn off some pent-up energy. Molly has an abundance of it!

We chatted by phone with fellow Selene owners Bill & Jeanne Wright, we anchored a few hundred feet from their pier, but weren’t able to visit, as they’re headed out at 1st light in the morning. Also southbound, their trip will be more about the destination than the journey since they must be in the Keys by 15 November. I’m sure we’ll catch up to them somewhere along the waterway, perhaps in the Bahamas.

Tomorrow we’ll be out early, we’re headed for the Piankatank river, just south of the Rappahannock. We should arrive mid-late afternoon depending on how early we get moving. We’re in no rush, but the warmer weather we had today has bolstered our resolve to get south. We will probably stop off at Norfolk, there are some things we’d like to see there before we push south. It was great to be back out on the water today!

I should have some photos posted in the next day or two.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Kelly Reider on 02 Nov 2008 at 4:18 PM #

    Here’s wishing you safe traveling! Soak up some of the warm sun for Keira, Jason and I. Will you be down around Louisiana to see Adam? I guess he would have to drive down towards the gulf coast since he is a good many hours inland. Stay safe and have a blast!