Sunset Lake

We’re experiencing what cruisers refer to as being “weathered in”. Our trip up the Delaware Bay is on hold until the wind stops blowing 20 kts all day long. Maerin is perfectly capable of making that trip under current conditions with no more consequequense than needing a good bath on the other end. It’s her crew that is holding back. It would be be a very uncomfortable ride, so since we really don’t have to go, we’ll enjoy our stay here at Wildwood.


Beach playtime!

We learned that there will be a local waterfront festival Sat-Sun, so we’ll have lots of activity just off our “back porch” to watch. There is supposed to be a Mummer’s band on parade, and a fireworks display on the ocean side of Wildwood Crest, right about where we have been going to the beach. Should be interesting! I believe it’s sort of a “wind-up” to the season here.


The area is very well-kept, we’ve not seen any shabby looking properties in our walks. all very neatly manicured and landscaped. Even the municipal park is maintained to perfection, we haven’t seen any other locales that were much better presented.

It looks like our weather window may open on Sunday, it’s the only day predicted to be light & variable winds, Sunday night another front is predicted to push southeast, with more 20kt winds for several days again.

One Response to “Sunset Lake”

  1. Andrea on 21 Sep 2008 at 1:34 PM #

    Cool pictures! I love the last one – very surreal. I miss you already!