Cape May, Delaware Bay & Back!

Headed out of Utch’s marina this morning at o’dark thirty, into the Cape May canal, & out into the Delaware Bay. We were greeted with 15-20kt. north winds against a flood (incoming) tide and a rough ride.


After about 5 miles, we threw in the towel & headed back for the comfort of Cape May. We had about 4 ft wind swells, and although Maerin had absolutely no problem dealing with it, the crew was somewhat unenthusiastic about slogging up the bay in a 4 foot chop for six hours. Sammy really didn’t like it, and we were scurrying to secure things that normally don’t move around. The vote was cast to return to port, Sammy cast the most convincing vote, Molly could have cared less, she was asleep on the floor. She’s turning out to be a good cruiser. So we anchored in Sunset Lake, a


very nice protected anchorage north of Cape May Inlet. Very quiet and calm. We spent some of the afternoon at the beach, a short dink ride and about a half mile walk. The dogs had a blast. Normally restricted from the beach, the rules seem to be pretty lax after Labor Day. We’re close to Wildwood Crest, and have good access to stores and such if our weather window stays closed. As it is, winds are predicted until late Friday, and beyond, but we only need about a 10 hour window to make the run up the Delaware. Once we’re into the C&D we’re good to go.  Several other cruisers ventured out and continued, conditions were really nothing other than uncomfortable, and had it not been for Sammy, we probably would have kept on. We’re enjoying our extended stay, our anchorage is great, and I got some maintenance tasks started, to be completed tomorrow.

We’ve been getting some feedback from some folks, thanks! It’s great to hear from you all, (that’s all of you, not “y-all”, Adam).

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