Kingston revisited

We’re back in Kingston to ride out Hanna. At the moment this is being posted, we’re about at the trailing edge of the storm, and the rain that began about 2 this afternoon is beginning to taper off.  We arrived here on Friday at about 15:30, it was a busy place, lots of cruisers and trawlers ducking into the creek here to hide out while the storm passes. We also had a mega-yacht slide up to the bulkhead, it’s a 130 ft. Westport. 2125 It’s a great hideout, there are 3 creeks on the Hudson, this is one of them. We enjoyed our stay on the trip north, and the trip south is a bit wetter, but we managed to catch the bus to the local shopping plaza, picked up some provisions, got some oil to change the oil on the main. Good rainy day job! Saturday morning we took the bus into town for the local farmer’s 21342137market, and to visit the cigar store. We took a cab back to the dock and arrived about an hour before the rains started. The rest of the afternoon was spent doing wash, some maintenance chores, and cleaning up. We’ll likely head back out onto the river in the morning for the run down to Haverstraw to meet up with Karen and Andrea for some family time!

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