South to Jersey Coast.

Left this morning from Haverstraw 07:30 after getting Karen off to work, and headed for Belmar, NJ. We had favorable tides the whole trip, much of the time we were making just under 9 kts, several times we hit 10 kts!  New York harbor was busy, but less intimidating the 2nd time around. Lots of large ship traffic, and the ever-present ferries that criss-cross the harbor from every direction. We cruised 8-1/2 hours today, covering a distance of 68 (nautical) miles. Daughter Andrea joined us on the run from Haverstraw and was thrilled to see Manhattan from the water.217621672173

We had a great sunny day, cooler than it has been but a great day to travel. Arrival at Shark River (Belmar, NJ) timed perfectly with the return of some of the fishing party boats, we were able to again follow them through the inlet. We took on fuel at Belmar, their’s is the lowest price reported in the area, at $3.779, we decided to stock up, so we’re sitting pretty low in the stern after loading 650 gallons of diesel! Ouch!! After tying up, we strolled to Freedman’s Bakery for some goodies for breakfast in the morning. Andrea will be hopping into a rental car in the AM for the trip to York to visit family & friends before she returns to the West Coast on Saturday. It was fun to have the girls aboard for a couple of days.

We will probably continue south for Atlantic City, or somewhere thereabouts. Weather forecasts for Friday and the weekend are not too promising, so we may press on toward the Bay.

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  1. Karen on 12 Sep 2008 at 9:35 PM #

    I didn’t want you to leave! It was so good to see you guys and Andrea, but as usual, the visit was too short. I can’t wait to see the next leg of your journey. Hopefully you’ll be somewhere warm and tropical for Christmas so that I can come there! Thanks for fixing my computer Dad, it’s catching all the bad stuff before it gets to infect me, so now I can keep up with your blogs!