Sylvan Beach and Oneida Lake marks the end of our westerly travels. Time to turn around and re-trace our route. We’d really love to keep going to new destinations, but that will be for another trip. Sylvan Beach was interesting, a real throw-back to the 50’s and the beach resort town.

Lots of interesting boat traffic through the canal there, I’m sure the small cruise boat fills the lock!


Saturday we’re back in Rome. We plan to visit the Canal Village, a period recreation of life on the early Canals. We were told by other cruisers that it was well worth the visit. So we’ll spring for the cab ride. Rome is a free wall, no facilities, but is relatively quiet. A falls and footbridge highlights the park located along the terminal wall.

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One Response to “Backtracking”

  1. KNOT HOME on 30 Aug 2008 at 3:31 PM #

    Hi You Two,
    Great fun reading your blog and viewing your pics. What an incredible sunset pic and the picture of the falls at Rome. Hope my pictures turn out nearly as nice. We made the trip across Oneida Lake today (Saturday 8/30/08) after waiting for the rain to subside this AM. Suspect, you had to deal with the weather as well this AM. We had a great crossing.

    We arrived at our final destination for the year – Brewerton- Winter Harbor Marina. Great meeting you both. We look forward to crossing paths again in the cruising future. We will keep up on your pics/blog. Keep it going. I wish I could figure out how to make my print as readable as yours. Thanks for sharing dinner with us.

    Oh yeah…Barb. I walked by the laundry at Sylvan Beach…just to see what we were missing.

    Stay safe,

    Dorothy and Larry Rand
    m/v KNOT HOME