Rome then Sylvan Beach

When in Rome…. we did a little history & toured Ft. Stanwix, revolutionary site. Interesting insight into the importance of the area to the history of the Revolution, how the “Oneida Carrying Place” fit into the picture of trade, expansion, and why it was such an important place to the colonies.

We toured the fort, and got a good idea of the living conditions back in the revolutionary times. Lots of walking, and a nice place to tie up in Rome. Free wall, relatively nice park, and plenty of space to let the dogs romp. Met a couple from Florida who are heading to Brewerton to put their boat up on the hard for the winter. They plan to return in the spring to continue on the Loop.

Left Rome around 13:00 and after 2 more locks, the first that are going down. A much smoother ride, lots less turbulence. We arrived at Sylvan Beach about 2 hours later, and tied up to the wall. Sylvan Beach is an old lakeside resort, reminiscent of our trips to Grand Bend in Canada. Much more activity here, and although a far cry from the bustle of NYC, we actually saw people here.

2011 Oneida Lake is twenty-some miles across, the largest lake on the canal system. Lots of boating activity, lots of pontoon boats sporting all sorts of decoration, and of course the requisite twenty fenders hanging over the side. It seems to be “the thing to do” here, I suppose it is a mark of a well-traveled cruiser to have fenders hanging. We’ve had our entire inventory of fenders hanging since we left Albany!

We’ll spend a day or two here, we may extend our ten day pass before heading back east, adjusting our travel time to meet up with daughters again around Haverstraw. Building clouds signal the approach of a frontal system, our weather is due to change, and as a result we were treated to a rare sunset over the water.

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  1. Faye on 28 Aug 2008 at 1:04 PM #

    I love reading your blog. Sounds like you’re having a great time. Thanks so much for doing this. Faye