Launch day

Well, repairs are 100% complete, and we have completed our part of the bottom work over the long 4th of July Holiday weekend. Among the work completed over those 3 days:

  • Apply 3 coats epoxy barrier coat
  • Apply 1 coat hard bottom paint as tie coat/signal coat undercoat for ablative top coat.
  • Apply 2 coats of Ultima SR ablative bottom coat.
  • Clean prop, apply PropSpeedĀ® anti-fouling to prop, thruster blades.
  • Polish & wax hull from stem to stern, all but area above rub rail.
  • Remove & strip thruster blades, coat with PropSpeedĀ®
  • Replace thruster shaft oil seals.
  • Re attach anchor & haul back on board.

We had a busy weekend! Your webmaster returned Monday afternoon to complete the thruster seal replacement and prep for launch, which at this posting is scheduled for Tuesday! We’re both excited to get back on board. It has been six weeks to the day out of the water for repairs, and we’re thrilled to be able to get back to boating!

I must add a comment about the folks at Osprey Marine Composites, who completed our repairs. We had a very good experience with Osprey, from the start when Jim Jacobs came to do the initial repair estimates at our marina. They were wonderful to work with; Jim kept us constantly updated on progress, didn’t hesitate to call or email to be sure we were in agreement when any question came up on how repairs were to be executed. The crew stripping the bottom worked extra hard to make sure they completed their work prior to the July 4th break so we would not lose an additional 4 days progress over the holiday. Owner Gary Williams checked in on us several times over the holiday weekend, and was very accommodating in allowing us to work in the shop facility to complete the work we did ourselves. The paint shaker was well worth the price of admission!


We couldn’t have asked for a better experience in getting through an aggravating time. Having the boat laid up for repairs in prime boating time is no fun! We even got props from the Osprey crew on our DIY bottom paint job. That was great, but I still don’t think we’re ready for prime time; I don’t expect that we’ll be looking to sub out our services anytime soon. It’s hard work- messy strenuous, and the paint stinks! But we’re set to go back in the water Tuesday. We’re looking forward to the first night aboard in over a month and a half!

There are additional photos in the gallery, click on the photos here to go to the gallery.

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