Repairs complete!

Osprey Composites completed repairs July 3, just in time for the holiday! We’ll be heading down to the yard at Herrington Harbor on the 4th to complete bottom painting. We’ll have 3 coats of epoxy barrier, one coat of hard bottom paint as a tie coat, then 2 coats of ablative bottom paint to finish the job. Polish & wax & we’ll be ready to go back in the water. About time, we’re half way thru the summer & still haven’t given Maerin her spring polish.  The repairs look really good. We had a number of cosmetic repairs taken care of, plus the area at the winch pad that had deteriorated from water intrusion. The water damage is repaired and the winch mounting hasandings been beefed up with lots of layers of fiberglass reinforcement. The collision repairs are nearly imperceptible, and the rail looks exactly like it did before the damage occurred. We plan to be ready for launch sometime next week about the 9th if everything goes as planned. It’s been a long 7 weeks, and we’re really ready to be back aboard.

There are more photos of the repairs in the gallery.

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