Flip side- The Bustards

Covered Portage in our wake, we headed for Killarney. Since we’ll be covering a lot of the same area, we planned (loosely- we rarely do an itinerary, per se) on our route west to skip over some areas by taking a more direct route, and planned to visit those areas on the return trip. The Bustards is a group of islands near the top of Georgian Bay we bypassed west-bound in favor of a more direct and southerly route to Killarney. East-bound, we decided to stick more to the small craft route that runs a more circuitous path, but is more scenic. The Bustards was our choice of our first stopover eastbound.

The Bustards are mostly uninhabited, but a few cottages can be found here and there. A relatively new cottage in a beautiful setting was located just a short way from our anchorage, with no one around. Another, older cottage located across the water appeared to be neglected, perhaps abandoned. The vast majority of the cottages in the area are accessible only by boat, so the boathouse or docks play a significant role in the cottage setting. We did some hiking on adjacent Strawberry and Tie Islands, and of course, Molly got plenty of swimming! Just an overnight stay in The Bustards, up anchor the following morning, Friday, August 25, bound for somewhere a bit further south and east!

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