Covered Portage

Covered Portage is an anchorage that was recommended by locals we met in Penetang as a place to put on our “visit” list. The anchorage is a bay with a dog leg opening that the guide books and the reviews on ActiveCaptain describe entering the cut exercising caution and a bow lookout. Without actually entering the basin, it’s difficult to assess how crowded the anchorage is, so we opted to anchor outside the basin since the wind direction put us in the lee of the shore anyway. We dropped the dinghy and headed into the bay. It’s a fairly large bay with a single opening entrance. There is a dog leg at the entrance, but it is actually pretty straightforward and marked on the charts. Two observations in that regard: 1)- We’ve noted that the CHS charts are quite accurate, we’ve followed the chartplotter through a number of “iffy” areas, and have found the charting to be spot on. 2) The cautionary notes on Active Captain, however helpful, seem to universally lean toward overstatement. Yes, there’s a rock ledge at the opening of this and most any anchorage in the Georgian Bay area. Exercising reasonable prudence and going slow will allow access to even those tricky spots. Despite there being plenty of room, we decided that since we were only staying one night, we were fine on the outside.

Guidebook notes describe a marked trail starting at the far end of the cove that leads to an overlook of the anchorage. We dinghied into the cove and found a likely spot, and located the ribbon-marked trail. It’s a pleasant hike up to the crest of the ridge. The ridge is actually the same ridge that we hiked to Casson Peak the previous week, Covered Portage is on the south side across the ridge from the anchorage in Baie Fine. The area has similar geologic features, and although the summit at Covered Portage isn’t quite as high, it’s an impressive view from the top, well worth the easy hike. As witnessed by the photos, our weather was less than ideal, but our hike outing was unmarred by rain or wind, so a qualified success.

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