Arrival in the Exumas

We arrived at Highbourne Cay at 1740 hrs. on Sunday, Mar. 6th.  The run was a bit bumpy, but not uncomfortable. Winds were in the 20 kt. range, so we had a lot of salt spray, the boat was pretty salty at the end of the day! We still had quite a bit of chop on our arrival, and decided to stay overnight and head south to Shroud Cay in the morning where we’d have a bit more protection from the winds that were predicted NE but were more NNE, almost N. The shoreline runs almost N-S, so affords little protection, more rolling!  Winds still up in the 20’s, ah, welcome to the Bahamas, mon!

One Response to “Arrival in the Exumas”

  1. Lisa on 07 Apr 2016 at 10:43 AM #

    Any pics from Jumentos?
    It looks like the Bahamas will not be on our calendar this year….
    Puppy,baby, medical expenses increased
    We hope you are having fun and looking for an update on the blog!