Cambridge Cay

We arrived at Cambridge on the rising tide, easing our approach from the south over the reef then into the mooring field where there are a handful of park-maintained moorings. Weather conditions were as good as they get, with winds calm and variable, making the visit to Cambridge particularly pleasant, given the nature of the activity there. We headed first for the SeaQuarium, a well-known snorkel spot that has a nice variety of fish in a spot that is relatively protected. Afterwards, we made the dinghy run south a few miles to Rocky Dundas to snorkel the caves there and the reefs at the entrance. Calm weather is a must, as the entries to the caves are not more than a few feet high, and any amount of surge from the sound makes exploring the caves treacherous. It is said that the caves were sacred sites for the Lucayan’s who inhabited the islands hundreds of years ago.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset and a very calm night, one of the calmest we’ve seen in all our time in the Bahamas!

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