Water Cay (on the flip)

We enjoyed a roll-free night at Hog Cay, and an early visit to the beach put us underway by 0800, bound for Water Cay. Since conditions are good, we took the outside route. An ocean run is more direct, saves some time and fuel, but isn’t particularly interesting. Fishing helps fill that gap, and our cruise was made more enjoyable with some action! A casualty of a hard hitter, the “No Alibi” dorado lure never made it back to the boat! That one was torn off the line, leader, terminal swivel and all! We landed a nice mahi in the last 15 miles of the leg as we approached the drop-off, and another barracuda as the depths started to show on the depth finder. So mahi on the grille!

As we returned to the boat, a small boat approached with three fellows on board. Fishermen from Long Island, they were interested in trading some fresh grouper for goods. “Well, lets see, what could you guys use?” “Beer! How ’bout a couple of books?” We ended up with both parties pleased with the transaction, we ended up with a big fresh grouper, Manny, Reggie, and Kareem got a 6-pack of Corona, what was left of a bottle of Coconut Rum, a gallon jug of fresh water, and three paperbacks. Manny, the lead man, got the books and scored a couple of Patterson, his favorite! The rum is for the guys who work hard! They were on a 19 ft. center console, outfitted for fishing with large coolers and storage. They would head back to Long Island the following day. Friendly guys! We enjoyed chatting a bit while Manny cleaned the fish. A very nice grouper, it was added to the fresh mahi and grilled for supper! It just doesn’t get much fresher, and the difference is remarkable! Fresh frozen a week later is good, filets from the cooler to the grille are delectible! No comparison!

An early rise and short beach visit for the pups, and we were underway by 0720 for our 63 mile cruise across the bank to Georgetown.

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