Water Cay- Jumentos

We arrived at Water Cay around 1700 hrs, not a long day. We anchored off a beach, with Innu just to our south. Winds were around 10 kts all day, and continued into the evening, providing a relatively calm night at anchor.Innu was anchored in front of a limestone bluff, and enjoyed watching a pair of ospreys who were perched on a promontory of the bluff watching them! The beach to the north of the cay is frequented by fishermen who work in the area, they anchor their boats in the small harbor and make camp on the shore while they fish in the area. We did observe several larger trawlers working further west on the bank, but they stayed out all night.There was one other cruising sailboat in the anchorage that headed north as we had breakfast.

After a morning exploration of the north end of the island and some swimming, we raised anchor before noon and headed south, destination Flamingo Cay. We took a small jog in our rhumb line just south of Water Cay to drop the hook briefly and explore a blue hole that is charted. The hole is rimmed with coral heads about a hundred yards or so in diameter, and drops to about 85 ft of depth. The depth is deceiving, since we were able to clearly see the bottom in the noonday sun as clearly at 85 ft, as we could see the bottom at 30 or 40 ft. We observed a school of jacks in the hole, they seemed to be curious about the dinghy and our presence there.It was an interesting side trip! Next stop, Flamingo Cay.

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