Ft. Lauderdale

Posts have been somewhat sparse the past few weeks! We’ve been in Lauderdale for almost two weeks, and before coming here we were in Palm Beach for almost a week. We met up with cruising friends Linda and Douglas and toured their new Nordhavn 55 which they’re preparing for some long-range cruising. It’s quite the ship, and they have been busy since early fall prepping the new (to them) vessel and making her their own. I was happy to help them with some minor mechanical tasks for a few days. It was interesting to have the opportunity to explore the inner workings of the N55 and gain an appreciation for the mindset that is involved in the production of a world class cruising vessel. Also interesting was the comparison of the Nordhavn and our own and other Selene’s, the differences which Linda’s observation seemed to be the most succinct: When stepping into the Nordhavn, the reaction is “machine” where the Selene is more a beautiful piece of furniture. Not to say that the Selene is not a capable vessel, just that the focus of the two brands is different. As with any boat, that focus is very much purpose-driven.

We arrived in Ft. Lauderdale on Thursday the 19th, and were greeted by friends Chris and Joyce on Celebrate. They were excited to see us again, as always, but this arrival was a bit different in that we had made arrangements for me to install a watermaker for them during our stay. At this posting, the watermaker install is complete, along with other projects that have come up along the way. The girls are glad for the help, the helper is happy with some extra cruising kitty! Celebrate is a 48 ft. Selene, very similar to our own hull, with several notable differences: Celebrate is an additional 5 ft. in length, and is a DH or Deep Hull configuration. The hull is an additional 9″ deep and extends beneath the swim platform, providing a significant increase in engine room as well as lazarette space. Working in the guts of the boat reveals similarities in layout and significant improvements in construction. The joinery work on the 48 is superb!

We also have been able to spend time with relatives Jane & Bill Wikberg. Jane is a second or third cousin of Barb’s and we always enjoy getting together with them during our stays here. This is our 3rd year at Coral Ridge Yacht Club, and we’re here officially as guests of the Wikberg’s who are long-time members of the club. We were their guests at dinner on two occasions. The food at the club is great, and the portions insure a lunch for the following day!

We’ll be here through the upcoming weekend, we plan to top off fuel before we shove off, and complete some chores on our own boat! A part to complete the fuel solenoid repair was finally located for a reasonable cost, so we’ll be able to shut the engine down with the key once again!

Next stop, Miami Beach where we’ll be helping out at the Defender booth during the Miami boat show, Feb. 16-20. If you plan to attend the show, be sure to stop at the Defender booth and say hello! Last stop before heading east!

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  1. Linda Bialecki on 05 Feb 2012 at 7:10 PM #

    That is NOT you in a tie. I’m saving the pic! Very handsome.