Foster home

Tuesday morning’s plan was a short hop in the car with Molly to pick up a new lav bowl. As we headed to the parking lot, we met an unfamiliar dog. Friendly enough guy, appeared to be a lab-pit mix as a good guess. He and Molly socialized a bit, and we headed off. On our return we stopped in the office, and the black dog was making himself at home there with Remy, co-owner Pat’s dog. He followed us out, and he and Molly headed for the beach for some play. As the day progressed, it appeared that Black Dog was enjoying his stay. His sweet disposition was hard to resist, and he and Molly were having a great time. He headed back to the boat with us, and they lounged around on the pier for the afternoon. No one showed up looking, and no neighbors recognized him. Evening came, and yours truly, the dog softie, offered Black Dog a foster home until some determination could be made regarding his family status. He had no qualms about coming aboard, and a meal and a soft bed seemed like a pretty good deal as far as he was concerned. My suspicion is that this guy may have been a “bait dog” at some time in his life, as he has numerous scars and seems to favor his hind leg a bit. Heartbreaking that some piece of human debris can subject a sweet dog to that sort of barbaric treatment. I have some suggestions for that person’s own special place in the hereafter. 👿

So Black Dog spent the night with us, I awoke the following morning with Molly sprawled on the foot of the bed, Black Dog had made himself comfortable sprawled out next to me. I awoke to light snoring and a large black head next to my shoulder. He was settling right in. I think he wants to be a cruising dog. Too bad, the admiral has already sent down the decree, no matter how sweet he is, we have enough dogs! Sammy’s arrival the following day resulted in some posturing just for him to establish Black Dog’s boundaries and his position as low man in the pecking order, testicles notwithstanding. The admiral was impressed by his disposition and good looks, but the edict stands.

Since I’m not the only dog pushover on the pier, our slip neighbor Ray, who mostly lives aboard, was also taken with Black Dog, who seems to respond to “Bubba” or “Bub” or some variant thereof, and has now been dubbed “Buddah” and will continue his rescue as Ray’s companion after a successful (no cats eaten) test visit to his girlfriend’s. No further replies from neighborhood handbills, or Craigslist posting, so it appears he may have found a great home. He will probably serve as official gas dock greeter in Molly’s absence. He will be a great companion, he seems to be as smart as he is submissive, so he should fare well. Sorry, Buddah, no Bahamas!

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