Cambridge Cay

Our short cruise from Staniel Cay to Cambridge Cay took just over two hours. Conditions were ideal, light and variable winds, sunny skies. As we left Staniel and turned to head north, we couldn’t help but see the mega yacht just off Big Majors Spot. There was chatter among the cruisers that Steven Spielberg was visiting on his yacht. 7 Seas is immense, 284 ft. and just delivered in January of this year, it was built at a cost purported to be over $200 million. It was anchored prominently in deeper water just off the busy rhumb line that is used by cruising vessels headed to Staniel and points south. From what we could see as we passed, it appeared the celebrity owner was, in fact aboard, seated at a table in the main aft cockpit, flanked by what appeared to be his security detail. Part of the crew of 23. Water toys were scattered about the vessel, and numerous openings in the hull were extended for waterside access. Oh, if you’d like a real vacation treat, you can charter 7 Seas for $1M /week –plus expenses. Now $35 in dinghy gas is looking better.

We arrived at Cambridge Cay early enough for a swim and a dinghy ride, heading north to check out the cut at O’brien Cay. Current was moving quite fast, and with the calm conditions, the current creates eddies in the surface of the water that are almost like a glass surface, enabling a nice view of the bottom some 25 feet below!

Saturday we decided to snorkel at the Sea Aquarium, a protected spot at the north end of O’Brien’s Cay. We had visited on our way south, and conditions were great then, even better the second time. We were able to take more time, and I also had the camera and underwater enclosure along, so I was able to get some photos before the enclosure fogged up. A great variety of fish, the calm conditions are ideal for snorkeliing, the light is better, no waves and a smooth ride to the spot. Water temps are hovering right around 80F, but we still don wetsuits to provide a bit of floatation, warmth and protection from accidental contact with critters- like the thimble jellyfish that have appeared, and fire coral that can leave welts or blisters on some folks. The thimble jellies don’t pack much punch, they deliver an almost imperceptible sting as they contact exposed skin, but nothing more than the sensation that something touched. Get them lodged between a loose-fitting bathing suit and skin, we’re talking a very perceptible sting! Nothing more than uncomfortable, but who’s looking for that? The warmth is welcome when floating in the water for an extended time.

The colors at the SeaQuarium are striking, the fish , the coral, plants, all combine to paint a technicolor underwater panorama. It’s fascinating to float and watch the show. If you’ve ever stared into an aquarium and were mesmerized by the fish and the life there, imagine being IN the aquarium with the fish all around you. It’s a great experience!

We spent some time just exploring the nearby waters in the dink. There are many privately owned cays in the area even though it is a preserve, part of the Exuma Land & Sea Park. When the Park was established, the privately held cays remained in private ownership, with some stipulations against development. The area is very pristine, with the occasional home sitting up on the rocky bluffs. Very beautiful. We joined the other cruisers in the mooring field for snacks and cocktails after 5, and enjoyed learning of their experiences and favorite spots. Much of the desire to see certain areas is spawned by conversations with other cruisers, so those little meet and greets are always a great opportunity to share. The cruising community is spread out, but small. You can be assured of meeting up with a cruiser at some point again, very easily a thousand miles from where you first met.

We headed out of Cambridge Sunday morning, destination Warderick Wells.

3 Responses to “Cambridge Cay”

  1. Mother on 18 Apr 2011 at 7:15 AM #

    Nice little boat Mr. Spielberg has. I’m afraid it is a trifle big for me although with a crew of 25, maybe I could tough it out !!!!

    So pretty, I can see why you hate to leave. Mother

  2. Lisa on 18 Apr 2011 at 9:35 PM #

    Wow what a sight
    Tropical blue has a whole new meaning
    Love seeing your snorkeling pics
    Is that my brother sucking, oh sorry, I meant showing off his chest?
    Looks like you are having a great time
    I will call Karen on 4/20/11 to check on how her surgery went
    & if she needs any help
    We will be in OBX again in May- any chance you’ll be up that far?

  3. Steve on 18 Apr 2011 at 9:52 PM #

    Funny. Watch the humorous? comments, paybacks y’know how that works. ;-o

    your brudder