Norman’s Cay- Day 3

Day 3 at Norman’s and the winds are still howling away at a steady 20-25 kts. We’re rolling a good bit, but getting acclimated to it. Aries Too has a stern anchor set out to their stbd quarter, just a smaller 17x Fortress, but it keeps them bow-first into the swell and reduces rolling significantly. Luc on Innu has “flopper-stopper’s” deployed and his roll is quite minimal. They’re long poles that attach mid-ship and extend about 6 ft from the hull. Support cables fore & aft and another aloft to a structural point on the flybridge provides a fourth point of attachment. A folding “fish” that dangles a few feet below the surface of the water will fold as it moves down, and open as it moves up, providing enough resistance to dampen the roll. Maerin has a tendency to “sail’ on the anchor in windy conditions- she swings from one side to the other, and at the peak of that pendulum-like swing, we are abeam of the swell, so we roll. Many cruisers who spend a great deal of time in the Caribbean have developed gear or techniques that work well for their boat, and we’re learning that having that sort of gear aboard can improve comfort when weather conditions narrow the scope of anchorages that are suitable in less than ideal weather. The trade off is as always, storage. Where do you put it all?

We will spend Friday here, then perhaps move on. The front is predicted to move slowly, so our windy conditions will persist for another few days. Such is cruising the Bahamas in the winter- hiding from and enduring frontal passages in order to be there to experience those days of beautiful weather that come in between! Our full contingent of 4 Selenes remains, Blue Grotto may depart for the south today, they are due to intercept guests at Staniel on Tuesday

We stopped by Aries Too and had a visit with Douglas & Linda in the afternoon, it was fun to catch up since we had not seen them since we parted company in Northeast Harbor, ME back in September. We’ll join them for dinner Friday, and they’ll be joining the crowd at the Rendezvous.

One Response to “Norman’s Cay- Day 3”

  1. Joyce Mickowski & MICK on 26 May 2012 at 10:08 AM #

    I found your web site and really enjoyed your writings about your trip in the Bahamas. WE are presently in Grand Harbor, Berry Island waiting a wx window. AS this is our first trip to the Bahamas I found your web site helpful. Where are you presently.

    Rhumb Line is a sailing catamaran…but I do love your motor boats.

    BTW, we know Mike and Renne on M/V Blue Grotto. We share adjoing slips in Boca Chica, Key West! What a small world. Joyce