Allan’s Cay

We contacted the other boats Monday afternoon, and decided that our best option was to leave Nassau in the morning. Mystic Moon took the lead, and the rest of the Selene contingent followed along. We had ourselves a convoy! Five boats in all, 43, 48, two 53’s and a 55. Mystic Moon and Maerin headed for Allan’s Cay, the remainder headed to the northern end of Highbourne Cay. We anchored overnight in relatively calm conditions, and arrived early enough to get a short dink ride and some shore time with the iguanas on South Allan’s Cay. The dogs were too distracted by the big lizards to do much other than strain at their leads, so our visit was abbreviated. Sammy would have liked some iguana sushi. Sorry, Sambo, they’re protected.

With the front predicted to cross into the region during the day Wednesday, we chose to head to Norman’s Cay where we’ll have some protection from the predicted east winds. We’re hoping the winds lay tomorrow, or at least clock some so our anchorage settles down a bit!

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