Cape Sable to Clark’s Harbor

Another very easy cruise with long period waves. We rounded Cape Sable on an outgoing tide, hindsight indicated we should have left earlier, since the recommendations in the cruising guide were predicated on continuing to Yarmouth and getting a benefit of a turning current subsequent to rounding the Cape. Lesson learned.

We arrived at Clark’s Harbor about 1815 (Atlantic time). Clark’s Harbor is all business. Fishing and lobstering business. The harbor is very well protected, and filled with fishing vessels. We simply tied to a wharf wall. Since the tides are easily in the 10 ft. range, getting the dogs on and off the boat at a wharf can be a bit of a challenge! They adapt well, Sammy is light enough to lift off, and knows the drill. Molly can usually be cajoled to make the jump. After some patient encouragement she generally makes her mind up that she can do it, and explodes off the boat (upper roof) deck onto the pier, where she promptly unleases her excitement from her success on the hapless Sammy as he waits for his people to get ashore.

We did an evening walkabout and saw pretty much all there is to see at Clark’s Harbor, returned and consulted the weather again, and did some time projections on courses from Clark’s Harbor vs. Yarmouth to Bar Harbor, and considering the approach of Earl, we decided to make a straight shot from Clark’s. In order to arrive before dark, we needed to leave at about midnight local time, even with picking up an hour crossing the time zone. So we grabbed a couple or three hours of sleep then slipped the lines. Winds were calm, very calm seas, and we set out into the dark, bound for Northeast Harbor, ME. Farewell to Canada! It’s been a wonderful stay. We’ve already broached the subject of returning to Nova Scotia and Cape Breton, there are so many places we could have spent much more time, but there’s only so much you can cram into three months!

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