Shediac & Pointe du Chêne

We departed Mirimichi 0700 on a still-incoming tide, but only bucked the current for about an hour or so. We had decided to press to Shediac, a 92 mile run and a very long cruising day. With favorable currents we could be there well before dark. The current didn’t do too badly, and the weather continued to improve as the day progressed, so we called the Pointe du Chêne Yacht Club to arrange for a slip, and confirm that they had enough depth since we would be arriving at low tide. We were assured that they had a minimum of 7 ft. at dead low, and they’d get us in one way or another. It is a holiday weekend, so slips may be in short supply. August 1 is New Brunswick Day.  Oh, now we know that! The Pointe du Chêne Yacht Club is not actually in Shediac, it’s a sort of suburb about 2 miles from town.

We arrived about 10 minutes earlier than we told Walter, the dockmaster when we talked to him on the phone. And there was still enough light left to get settled in and enjoy a walk along the wharf and some ice cream! We had already had supper underway; conditions were very calm toward the end of our 13 hour cruising day, so preparing a meal was no problem.

Shediac is the lobster capital of the Atlantic Coast, and we saw plenty of evidence of that claim to fame! The ubiquitous lobster style boats can be seen in back yards, along the street, and by the public wharf. Most are wood construction, and have distinctive lines. It’s interesting to see how each region’s work boats have evolved to suit the unique conditions of the area, with the profile of the workboat changing as we move from one region to another. Of course in addition to the work boats we found a wide choice of fish markets and packing houses. We’ll undoubtedly have more opportunities to sample lobster in a variety of ways as we travel the area, I’m afraid that the McHomard will get a pass, however.

Since we had a long day getting there and the dock fees were so reasonable, we decided to stay another day in Shediac. So Sunday we got out the bikes and headed from Pointe du Chene to Shediac. It’s an easy ride, all flat, and traffic was not terribly heavy despite the holiday weekend. We stopped by the park where a “farmer’s market” was set up. It wasn’t really a farmer’s market but a craft market with all sorts of stuff we don’t have any place for on the boat, but it was interesting to take a walk through the stands. The town itself isn’t much, some stores, offices and such, nothing particularly remarkable, and NO cigar shops. Our turnaround point was the monster lobster conspicuously placed at the information center and tourist trap souvenir shops. We did some more biking around the town and returned to the boat, then headed to the adjacent beach with the dogs.

At 11, Sammy can still turn it on! He and Molly tore the beach up, romping and playing. Molly gets a little rough for him occasionally, but he sets her straight in short order! We returned to the boat, both dogs covered in sand, and due for a thorough bath! We finished our day up with supper at Captain Danny’s. I had lobster, the Admiral had of all things, a philly cheese steak. OK, you go to New Brunswick, out to dinner…. er… forget it.

A wonderful evening, calm winds, clear skies, and cool breezes. We had some chances to chat with the local folks weekend boating. Interesting to hear their perspective on a six week boating season. Well, six weeks that are summer! We heard stories of the typical eighteen feet of snow over the winter season. No thanks! We’ll be heading out in the morning, bound for Prince Edward Island, an easy day’s cruise.

One Response to “Shediac & Pointe du Chêne”

  1. joyce & chris on 03 Aug 2010 at 6:26 AM #

    you guys must really be having a ball! the updates are great! we’re envious….all those lobsters!!!

    we are in between trips to virginia and maine, and doing the teak decks and the cap rails. weather has gotten better; at least we’re out of triple digits.

    stay well, fair winds & clam seas.
    j & c