It’s pretty amazing that in today’s shrinking international world, the difference less than a hundred miles makes!
We departed Québec, the Gaspésie, and Eastern Daylight time all in a short run from L’Anse a Beaufils to Shippagan, our first landfall in New Brunswick.  We’re now in Acadia, and the start of the Maritimes. The shoreline topography more resembles the mid-atlantic seacoast we’re familiar with, except that it’s still a bit rocky, and the soil is reddish. Along with that familiar looking shore comes some other familiar things- mosquitoes and green-heads! Close up at dusk!  We’re beginning to hear English spoken more, and we set our time ahead to Atlantic Daylight time. Shippagan is a fishing town, maybe not so much anymore, but there’s a college there, an Aquarium, a adequate shopping facilities and a nice friendly marina.  Depth is a bit skinny here, but we came in about 3 hrs before low tide, and had no trouble. The marina has about 71/2 ft at low tide, so we would have no trouble accessing it at any time. Just an overnight stay, we walked the small town a bit, and visited a bit with some of the local folks. Just a stopover, we headed out in the morning passing under the first lift bridge we’ve seen for a few months, and made our way to Mirimichi.

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