Bienvenue à Montréal!


We left Cornwall shortly after 0800, and arrived in Montréal some 12 hours and 4 locks later. The cruise from Cornwall is not as scenic as those before, and longer. A 70 mile day is a long day for us, but we did get some help from the river with currents boosting our SOG to up to 9 kts. at some points.  The current in the river on the approach to the Clock Tower Quay is quite strong, up to 5 kts, so the last leg of our long day’s cruise was very slow going as we made the final 3/4 mile up river to the Yacht Club. The weather was triple-H in spades, temps in the 90’s and very high humidity- the warmest weather we’ve experienced in two years of cruising – at the northernmost point we’ve traveled. Go figure. We chased all over Florida this past winter in search of warm weather, and now that we’re in Canada, we’ve finally found it!


Montréal is quite the city, so much to see and do, lots of history. We’re staying just a short walk from the hub of Old Montréal, in the Quais du Vieux-Port or or Quays of the Old Port. The area has been transformed into a center for attractions, and historic zone. There is the Cirque Éloize running now, with tents set up on the Quays just across from our location. Lots of people, friendly enough, but French is the way!  English is common, we have found that most folks here can manage it easily and particularly when dollars are involved. Our french is about non-existent, although reading all the signs is bringing some of it back, and some of the words long-forgotten are making a comeback. Language has not been a big issue, however the further east we go, the less English will be spoken.


We spent Friday getting our bearings, we bought a 3-day Metro pass good for bus or train, which we did not use yet. We’ll use it today since we’ve digested some of the information about how to use the system by now, and we’ll want not to walk as much as we did yesterday as a means of self-preservation. Friday we covered the highlights of Old Montréal, visiting Christ Church, Basilique Notre-Dame, hit the underground city to escape the deluge of rain accompanying thunderstorms, and found a grocery store. We figure we easily covered over 5 miles on foot. Today we’ll widen our radius, visiting Mont Royal, the Olympic Park, and ending back in town. Tonight we’ll be treated to fireworks off the stern of Maerin for the weekly International Fireworks show held every Saturday. Should be an interesting day!


2 Responses to “Bienvenue à Montréal!”

  1. Todd & Belinda on 10 Jul 2010 at 6:10 PM #

    Looks like you 2 are exploring some beautiful areas! Stay safe and have fun.

    ps. 9kts. SOG WOW! I remember a few of our conversations a few years ago, my how times change. You are almost converted, should I call the sail maker for you yet?

    Bon Jour

  2. lisa on 15 Jul 2010 at 12:57 PM #

    Looks like you are having a great trip North
    We loved Montreal when we were there great food!
    Beautiful clean city
    Grand Prix at Olympic village
    Metro clean as well then
    Cleaned up Dads place with Dave& Jeri on Saturday
    Dave Powerwashed patio and porchs driveway
    Jeri and I tackled flower beds and Wisteria
    Any news from realtor?
    Biking up the hills? in a skirt no less
    Looking Good!
    more pictures please
    Keep Cool
    Fla weather in Cananda