As night fell over Sylvan Beach, clouds built, temps stayed the same, and humidity went up. Out came the fans, but not much relief, so we reluctantly fired up the genset and turned on the A/C. At some point during the night the skies opened, and we had several deluges. The wind had picked up by morning, and Oneida Lake looked like a washing machine from our perspective, so departure was put on hold. While we waited, we were startled by the appearance of a pair of swallows, a momma and juvenile. Momma darted back out, but junior stayed long enough on the pilothouse stairs for a photo op, then a few moments later, he hopped up and off he went! Eventually the lake calmed down and we shoved off under a very cloudy sky and spotty showers.  On our 2008 trip on the Erie Canal, Sylvan Beach was our turnaround point. How appropriate that we mark the anniversary of 35 years of marriage heading into new territory!

The two hour run across Oneida Lake put us in Brewerton a bit after 1 PM, and we decided to stay and wait out the inevitable showers. We tied up to a terminal wall, and enjoyed the entertainment provided by some local teens’ bridge-jumping from the railroad trestle off our stern. The bridge is about 20 ft above the water, several of the guys made the jump, a one decided conditions weren’t to his liking. He quipped as he walked past the boat, ‘guess I’m just too big a wuss’, ah… maybe next time. Another group of 5 guys came later in a driving rain, and all 5 made the jump… twice.

The third group stayed almost till dark, and were hitting tennis balls into the river then jumping in after them. Molly had a great time playing, swimming, and fetching their tennis balls. Molly particularly took to the squirt of the group, one of the teens’ younger brother, and jumped in every time he went in the water. She was with them all afternoon and just had a great time. The boys had fun with her as well. There will be one  very tired pup tonight!

We’ll probably head out in the morning for Oswego, the last stop before Lake Ontario. It’s bigger than Brewerton, our walk down the main drag didn’t reveal too much that we’d need to revisit, so westward it is!


One Response to “Brewerton”

  1. Lisa on 28 Jun 2010 at 10:45 PM #

    Happy Anniversary
    It sounds like you re having a great time on the Down East loop
    I am always amazed at what a great author you are
    I hope this becomes a book for potential cruisers
    You have a gift with the words

    Happy cruising
    Love Lisa