Lock 20

Saturday was on the dreary side, some scattered sunshine, but rain on & off all day. We decided to push on through Herkimer, Little Falls, Ilion and Utica- covering about 57 miles and locking 9 times. We took advantage of the free dock here at lock 20 to overnight. The parks at the locks are nicely maintained, not crowded, and are great for the dogs to get some romping time off leash. Most don’t have power, but it’s really not an issue since we are running all day and generally arrive with fully-charged batteries. No trains here, we’re far enough from the main lines that they’re just a distant rumble, and there are no crossings so no horns blaring! Very cool temps overnight, glass-calm water and no passing wakes make for a very peaceful night along the canal. Canal cruising is the most relaxing cruising, no worries with weather, tides, currents. It is a bit messy, but the boat cleans up at the end of the run!

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