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Home for Family – York, PA

We are back stateside, Maerin is secure at Harbortown Marina near Cape Canaveral, and we arrived in York on Thursday night after an 18 hour drive. Our crossing from the Bahamas was an overnight passage we began on Monday evening at 1830 hours, a straight shot from Moraine Cay to Port Canaveral, a distance of […]

Elbow Cay & Hopetown, Abaco

5168 The lighthouse at Hopetown on Elbow Cay greeted us as we headed in from the Sea of Abaco, more a bight than a sea, but that’s what it’s named. We had a very pleasant cruise from Lynyard Cay, with light breezes and calm seas. 5171 Hopetown dates from Colonial days. It was established by […]

Lynyard Cay & Little Harbor

5138 Our two days in Lynyard Cay were great. The weather finally relented, and since we left New Providence, we’ve been treated to some of the best weather we’ve had in all our time in the Bahamas. About time!! We met some cruisers and got some welcome beach time. The beaches on Lynyard are beautiful, […]

Overnight from New Providence to Lynyard Cay

5129 Our escape from Coral Harbor and New Providence went as planned. We left the dock at Nick’s at 1730 on schedule, and arrived at our waypoint to meet up with Ken & Dottie about 15 minutes behind our planned arrival, which was fine as it gave Dreamweaver a bit of a head start since […]

Coral Harbour, NP

4970 Our run from Alan’s Cay was with a quartering sea, our first cruise of any distance where we have not been banging head seas all day. The ride is a bit gentler, still a lot of motion, but the stabilizers take out most of the roll, so the motion is much more smooth than […]

Nassau revisited

4880 Up anchor this morning, Tuesday bound for Alan’s Cay, as a stopover to Nassau. Not that we were all that cranked about Nassau in the first place, but Maerin is ill, so Nassau’s the place to be.  Our generator heat exchanger is leaking, seawater is in the engine cooling circuit, so a repair must […]

Staniel Cay

5006 We enjoyed the Exuma Land & Sea Park and Warderick Wells, and after some discussion, decided to move a bit further south. The game plan was to head to Staniel Cay as our turning point. Staniel is the site of the Thunderball Grotto, and is on the cruisers’ required destinations list, so we dropped […]

Normans Cay to Warderick Wells

Thursday night will likely be noted as the most miserable night at anchor since leaving Middle River in November. Our holding was secure, but the winds blew up to 20-25 kts. out of the SSE, creating a surge of about 3 or 4 ft. Maerin became a funhouse of gyrating decks and bulkheads. Sleep was […]

Allans Cay to Normans Cay

4672 We left Allans Cay on Wed AM, and headed south back past Highborne to Norman’s Cay. We arrived around 2 in the afternoon, an easy approach, and anchored off the beach. Great holding here in deep sand, the Rocna bit as soon as it hit the bottom, so we’re well hooked. Normans Cay has […]

Highborne Cay N to Allans Cay

We left Highborne Cay Marina Tuesday morning, clean and tanked up with fresh RO water. We used the remainder of the Eleuthera city water for washing the salt grime and dog hair that we had accumulated from the time we left Nassau when Maerin had her last righteous bath. We also got all the laundry […]

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