Oriental – Bye bye, Ida!!

The timing of our departure from Ocracoke was perfect. We had a smooth trip across the sound to Oriental, where we dropped the hook in Green’s Creek. We set a couple of extra feet of chain out, and backed down on the anchor with a bit more power than usual, confident that we were set adequately for the predicted winds of up to 40 kts.

The winds never did materialize, we had about 8 inches of rain, and despite the rain, still made several runs to town in the dinghy. Last night’s torrential rains nearly filled the dinghy, pumping it out took quite a bit longer than the typical rain shower cleanup! It just rained buckets all night long. The region is suffering from some flooding, we understand that the Outer Banks had up to 10 inches of rain and much higher winds. We were quite comfortable, flooding is of little concern while at anchor! We made a dash into town last evening in the midst of the deluge to join Chris & Joyce for dinner at Steamer’s. Great food, outstanding service (we were the only diners in attendance!) But the temps have been in the 60’s, so despite getting wet, it’s not been uncomfortable.


After enduring soaking wet jeans, I have switched to shorts and now have a custom-made waterproof kilt. I imagine it will become quite the fashion statement. Complete with drawstring, available in choice of colors, black or white. The trash-bag kilt will become the cruiser’s answer to that overpriced foul weather gear. Perfect for those dinghy rides in the pouring rain. Barb has deemed my latest fashion unfit for public exposure. Hey, it beats wet pants.

We may stay here in Oriental another day until the storm moves off and visibility improves. At this writing (7PM) Ida is about fizzled out, and now is up the coast creating problems for Virginia and the Maryland coast.

3 Responses to “Oriental – Bye bye, Ida!!”

  1. Mother on 12 Nov 2009 at 9:12 PM #

    Whatever keeps you dry! Doesn’t it come in green too??
    I have been watching the weather channel and MD, NJ and VA are really getting hit. 8 inches of rain, at least in a boat, you don’t get water in the basement! I’m so glad you are safe. I talked with Beth and she said the wind is really bad.

    Take care and stay dry. Love to you both, Mother

  2. Ken & Linda on 14 Nov 2009 at 7:31 AM #

    We’re watching your progress south. We’ll be there next year. Got a call from friends in Vero Beach, Jim & Nancy, saying that there was a Solo 43 anchored there. Is that you?

    Today, we are headed to Escapade to start winterizing — last time, hopefully.

    Have a great cruise. We’ll be watching your trip.

  3. Myla and Dan on 14 Nov 2009 at 8:23 PM #

    Steve, Barb

    Hey you guys!!! I loved the whole bag routine; leave it to a guy to come up with a non-fashion statement that will keep you dry. How practical is that!! Steve, let me know where and which Green
    Creek you tucked into. Word has it I’ll be heading north on or about the 20th bound for D.C.

    Fair Winds and Following Seas,

    Dan of late S/V Kairos