Elizabeth City

Our trip through the Dismal Swamp Canal was capped with a stay on the Pasquotank River just north of Elizabeth City. With daylight fading, we were not comfortable running the twisting Pasquotank in the dark, so we dropped the hook in a broad area between two bends, near Shipyard Landing. It was one of the most peaceful anchorages we’ve ever experienced. The winds were calm and the river was glass-smooth. The quiet in the isolated area was incredible. Morning was a bit chilly, and we got underway for Elizabeth City.


We arrived at Elizabeth City at about 0950 and were greeted by the mayor, Steve Atkinson, Charlotte, of the tourism center, and several of the “rose buddies” who helped us with our lines. Elizabeth City bills itself as the “Harbor of Hospitality”, with free docking for 48 hours, and tradition dictates that if 5 or more new boats arrive, a wine & cheese party is hosted by the “rose buddies” compliments of the City. What a great cruiser-friendly spot! There aren’t too many waterfront towns where you’ll find the mayor helping visiting boaters with their lines! It’s a great little town, lots of things to see, and certainly lives up to its billing! The mayor stopped by later in the afternoon and toured Maerin. He was interested in our battery system since he just took delivery of a trawler and is interested in upgrading some of the systems aboard. We made arrangements for me to visit with him the following day to see his boat and offer some ideas on options. He and his wife Joan returned to the pier later so she could see Maerin, and they ended up joining us for dinner and conversation, it was a delightful evening. They plan to cruise in a few months when he finishes his term as mayor. They’re looking forward to being private citizens again and catching up to us on the waterway!


We departed Elizabeth City at 0700 on Thursday for Belhaven, a 76 mile run. We arrived in Belhaven just before dark. During our cruise to Belhaven, we heard some radio chatter and recognized a familiar voice. Celebrate,with friends Chris and Joyce aboard was behind us a few hours, en route from the Virginia Cut. We made contact later in the day as our courses converged, and made plans to meet up in Belhaven the day following our arrival.

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