Belhaven, NC

Updates are sparse for now and a day or two. Our Verizon broadband here in NC is not too swift, and there are no wi-fi access points available that are open, so more detail will be added when a better connection comes our way.

We made the short 10 mile run from the anchorage at Pungo River to Belhaven. It sounded like an interesting place to stop, so we decided to take a look. It’s a great stopoff, quiet, nice wide anchorage with good holding, convenient dinghy dock in town, and some stores in town. We decided since we had the time, and the laundromat was only a block from the dinghy dock, we’d bring the laundry up to date. We spent a little over an hour and a half and about $10 in quarters to do 3 loads of wash. These were big machines, one was a huge front loader. The dryers were equally cavernous, and made short work of quite a bit of laundry. It was the equivalent to about 8 loads in our shipboard laundry, about 16 hours worth! A couple of walks around town gave the pups (and the humans) some needed exercise.

Tomorrow we’ll be off to Oriental, about a 5-6 hour run. Oriental was our 1st stop on our trip from Morehead City in 2006 when we brought Maerin home, so it will be great to return with our boat! We said in 2006 we’d really love to return to Oriental with enough time to enjoy it. Guess we’ll have our wish!

One Response to “Belhaven, NC”

  1. Shawn on 10 Nov 2008 at 10:56 PM #

    Keep up the updates! I’m still here dreaming of the day. It’s starting to get alittle chilly up here in PA Dutch country. I actually had to start up the woodstove today. Did you invest in any fishing rods yet? A picture of a fresh catch for dinner would really make me envious!
    May the winds be at your back.