Georgetown, SC


Our cruise from Charleston to Georgetown was 56 nm. and took about 8-1/2 hours. The cruise was uneventful except for the onslaught of green-head flies while we traversed the marshes.   They were relentless,and with temps in the high 80s, and higher humidity, we finally fired up the genset, turned on the A/C & closed up the boat to escape the blood-letting. The larger problem became what to do with the scores of flies locked in the boat with us. Ah, the little shop vac to the rescue! They couldn’t escape the high suction, and short work was made of the fly cleanup! We’ve had experience with the flies on trips to the Jersey shore years prior, but none like this!


Our arrival in Georgetown was after hours at Hazzards Marina, so we picked a good spot on the face dock, tied up, plugged in, and took off to walk the dogs. We were surprised to see Kasekuchen, a Selene 53 with friends Bob & Cheryl Klein aboard. Having operated the Selene Florida dealership, they’ve taken their leave of the dealership to continue cruising on their wonderful Selene. We were anxious to catch up on news since we last saw them in Ft. Lauderdale in January after the Selene East Coast rendezvous. Georgetown is a beautiful town, with wonderful old southern homes, and a charming downtown.



Some fresh shrimp from the local dockside fish monger really hit the spot, nothing like fresh steamed shrimp, and it doesn’t get much fresher than you get it here. We enjoyed a visit with the Klein’s in the morning over coffee, and we left in the afternoon bound for Bucksport to take on fuel and some of the famous sausage. We arrived a bit later than anticipated due to the outgoing tide that slowed us to less than 6 kt. The folks at Bucksport called us on the phone to make sure we were still on our way, and to check to see if we planned for them to feed us, they’d keep the restaurant open until we arrived! Very friendly folks, great service! We fueled up in the morning, and were on our way for a leisurely cruise to St. James Plantation Marina.

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