Little Falls

On to Little Falls,  36 miles. We contemplated a stop at Lock 16, but decided to press on to Little Falls. The canal route goes from the river to a dug canal at Lock 16, so the route is narrower as it follows the canal instead of the meandering river. We offered some assistance to a grounded sailboat, pulled him free. Experienced the shallowest water yet on the canal, at about 6 ft. deep! They are in the process of dredging that section, the sailboat was grounded just behind the idle (on Sunday) dredge. We headed on to Little Falls. Little Falls was at one time a bustling industrial center, home to mills, lots of old industrial buildings abound, lots of history.


There is an effort to revitalize the old areas. We stayed at a very nice terminal wall, now a park maintained by the city. Power & water, we filled the water tanks, gave Maerin a much-needed bath, and took a nice long walk into the town.

On to Herkimer in the morning.

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