Swimming Pigs movie- by popular request!

So, there was a good deal of commentary on the swimming pigs from my family. Apparently my Dad (who now has a pig valve in his heart) has taken a pretty good ribbing about the swimming pigs we encountered in the Exumas, and since everyone seemed to think Dad was telling them about something he saw while he was coming out of anesthesia, I figured that now that we have better internet coverage here in the Abacos, I could upload a clip of the swimming pigs in action.

As you can see in that clear Carribbean water, Mr. Piggy’s feet are not touching, and he is, in fact SWIMMING!! Here’s the clip, it may take a bit of time to load…. now with Bahamas internet, that translates to “go open another KALIK, mon, dis’ gern’ be a whaal….”  Enjoy!!


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